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Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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The old Deira on the north side of the river, houses the chaotic suqs of Dubai. You can visit at 5:00 AM by night, when it's at its peak, but if you have to visit in the morning, beginning at 10 AM, as most shops close from 1 pm to avoid the heat in the afternoon. "Bring a bottle of water at any time, and do not be shy about calling a taxi, no matter how far away, especially in the summer, no one walks in the heat of 113 ° F (45 ° C)." - Claire Turrell, editor, the VIVA magazine. Start your race (1) open Deira Old Souq Station and cross the street for (2) Spice Suq, an assault on all the senses. Out of the spice shops overflow incense bags, Sumac, Zaatar, cinnamon, cloves and other spices, while the shelves are coated with shampoo to the henna small saffron boxes. Buy some incense, a burner of incense and coal. At the exit of the Al-Abra suq, hang a right. Walk to the end of the street, turn left at Al Ras, continue to Calle Al Hadd, then go right. Charming grocery stores here food business with Iran through the dhow along the creek. Go right on Al Ahmadiya Street and continue until you reach (3) Heritage House (1890), a splendid example of a pearl shopkeeper's residence. Inside, traditional kitsch dummies reveal how they lived in that moment. This home belonged to Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk, who, along with his son, was built alongside Al Ahmadiya School, one of the oldest schools in Dubai, responsible for educating some of the city's most prominent citizens. At the entrance of the school admire the exquisite decorative drywall. Inside, fascinating black and white photographs illustrate the history of the school. Walk along Al Ahmadiya Street, turning right on Old Baladiya, wholesale a lane mainly in traditional sandals, and gutra and AGAL, ​​headgear worn by Emirates men. Continuing along the road a wooden bow with grid marks the entrance to Dubai's Suq of Dubai (5), home to countless shops with dazzling gold jewelery display in their windows. Be willing to negotiate. In the side streets there are small cafes, small tailor shops, neon hairdressers, and souvenir shops selling belly dance costumes. Walk to the end of the wooden arches and then continue along Khail Sikkat Street (6) Suq perfume. This is where the women of the Emirates and Gulf tourists negotiate spicy (perfumed oils) Arab Attars and elaborate perfume bottles. In the streets surrounding the backdrop, Deira's narrow narrow streets are lined with shops selling traditional kandouras (long clothing), textile, shisha tubes, memories, and by chance, cheaper luggage.

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